Monday, December 19, 2011

Aunt Pat aka Precious Pat

Last Wednesday Ky and I drove up to Comox to visit my Dad's cousin Pat and meet her new husband John.  I hadn't seen her for several years and figured it was a good opportunity especially if Ky would drive. Pat is a very lively 88 year old and John is a spry 81 year old.  Pat has outlived two husbands named William and I told her I was glad she married a man named John not another William or I would accuse her of being a Bill collector. She said she is not changing her name this time as it is too much trouble.

We had a great visit.  John is originally from England but lived many years in Australia, working at a series of jobs that took him almost around the entire country, prior to moving to Canada.  He and Pat were in a singing group that goes around entertaining at seniors homes.  He offered to carry her accordion one day and she turned him down, saying she could manage.  Then she felt guilty she had been rude, so next time she asked him to help her. Her grandkids teased her that the accordion got very heavy over one week.

My second cousin Marilyn and her husband Bill came in for supper.  They are retired and have a B&B on the ocean front. Marilyn had been to Saskatchewan only once, 1964 for my grandparents 50th anniversary.  I remember meeting her then and once since, the last time I visited Pat.

Cousins of my parents are getting thin on the ground, Pat 88, Muriel 95 and Nora 99 being the only three left of 23 on one side.  Pat said she was delighted the younger generations (meaning Ky and I) still remembered the older folks.  I said she is the only thing between me and the abyss so the longer we could keep her around, the safer I felt.

Pat and John (photo by Maryanne)


  1. So she's a cougar huh? Well good for her. But hooking up with youngsters like John can bring with it all sorts of juvenile issues.

  2. I had a Kentucky aunt (Aunt Bit,)who in the 1940's got married at age 90 (Husband in his 80's.) She had money and bought her husband a gold watch and bought herself a red wig. The Presbyterian church she belogned to was sacndalized when she showed up with her new husband and red wig. The family couldn't quit talking.
    Don't think it would be such a big deal now days.
    the Ol'Buzzard.

  3. Not too many left in my clan these days. Guess we live fast and die young.

  4. I wanted to tease her about being a cougar but thought to leave well enough alone.
    Aunt Bit sounds awesome. I am sure the staid folks were indeed shocked beyond belief (but not beyond words).
    90 years old is the new 80 so one should expect to live that long at least; knowing full well any of us can be gone this time tomorrow too.


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