Friday, March 16, 2012

Houdini Hounds

It is spring.  Tanya's tulips,  crocuses and hyacinths are up.  The yard, which is all flower garden is a sea of mud.  Bobik and Volk were out of their yard again this morning, mud to the hocks, waiting by the front door  and quite pleased with themselves for being there.

They were not getting out the high window, after all.  Blocking it had no effect on their escapades.  They were getting out at the gate.  But how? I thought they were climbing out over the top between the gate and the house.  I tried blocking the gap with a pipe but that only worked for a day or two.  I wired a metal mesh to the gate to block the gap.  That didn't work.  They couldn't go under the fence as there was no room.

Masha was here last Saturday and she and Babushka were outside enjoying the sunshine.  The dogs apparently saw Masha and immediately Volk was out looking for attention.  Tanya turned to see Bobik in the act of escaping and the puzzle was solved.  If they put their front feet on the foundation ledge at the base of the house and stuck their nose between the gate and the angle iron it was latched to, they could pull the bottom of the gate back towards themselves and squeeze between the gate and the house.  Solution - wire the gate half way down too.

The reason they were out this morning was that I had forgotten to wire the gate yesterday after I fed them. They were hungry this morning and came looking for me.

The gap wired shut

Close up of the solution


  1. Oh, goodness, you have ice! Of course you would, but it's Spring here, so I forget, which is odd because my house is in a valley from which I can look up and see snow in the nearby low mountains.

  2. So, the gate is now wired. The dogs probably are too, now that they cannot get out so easily.

    You certainly seem to know how to spoil a

  3. dog's fun, don't you, Blog Fodder.

  4. We had some fifty degree days here in Maine and I thought we were headed for spring - but winter zapped us with one more round: a snow and ice storm and a bout of below freezing weather. We still have snow in the mountains and there is snow in my yard, but yesterday I saw a Robbin so it is just a matter of time.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Today was the first day above +5C (40F) and it went to +7C. The snow is going very slowly, 95% gone in the sunny and still very much there on the north side of anything, which is where the dogs' run is located.
    If we get a cold day I will let them out again as they will not get too muddy. But soon it is leash walking only - bad for them and good for me. No more free running until September late when the garden stuff is mostly off.


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