Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time on our hands

It was too cold and windy for Tanya to work in her flower garden so we drove into Krivii Rih to our favourite store Epicenter.  Combination Home Depot with Linens and Things on the second floor.

Tanya wanted grow lights for her bedding plants as they do not get enough direct sunlight.  What a circus.  The people in the garden section didn't know squat.  The people in the lighting section were not much better but we kept digging and finally found someone who actually knew something.  No fluorescent lights but some incandescent bulbs, so we bought a desk lamp and grow-bulbs and will try it out.

Tanya bought a garden gnome.  A cute little guy about 1 meter tall laden with mushrooms he has been picking.  I set him in the back seat and belted him in. Masha will love him.  So will Bobik.

Then we went upstairs to look at a summer blanket for our bed.  Found the right colour but wrong material.  Then we went to look at clocks.  We have been wanting to buy a good wall clock (mechanical, not battery with chimes, chains and pendulum) for over our fake fireplace.  Found sort of what we wanted but decided to wait and keep looking.  But we bought a new kitchen clock and one for our bedroom too.

Every time we go to Epicenter 2nd floor, I go to look at the ornamental guns, swords, ships and such.  I had admired Lord Nelson's Victory for some time so today Tanya decided she would buy it for me.  I think she likes that kind of stuff too.  Anyhow, it is sitting on our fireplace for now. 

There was a galleon Tanya liked better but I preferred the English ship to the Spanish.  The new Spanish Navy has glass bottoms so they can look at the old Spanish Navy.

New Kitchen Clock and Masha's writing board

Lord Nelson's Victory

The bedroom clock.  NO alarm. We are retired.


  1. Replies
    1. We use our mobiles if we need an alarm. I don't think we own an alarm clock, to be honest.

  2. Nothing alarming about your clocks. Sounds good to me.

    Like the look of your man-o'-war. Very impressive. What will Kot think of it?

    And did you get some plastic pink flamingos to keep the gone company?

  3. Kot does not sit on the mantle as it is not warm. Ukraine does not seem to have discovered pink flamingos yet.


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