Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lighthearted Furriness


  1. Some of these are just hysterical. Thank you.

  2. After much thought, I must say that one where the guy has the leash in his mouth is my favorite. There are definitely three very different mental realities going on in that picture.

    1. I have to agree with you. It is my favourite too. My dogs would have been gone long before anyone had a chance to snap the picture.

  3. Lovely! I needed some light-hearted furriness today. :-)

  4. When I started my blog, one of my two readers mentioned that it was all over when I started writing about my cat. I actually had a cat bit ready to sail at one point and held back because I took her seriously. Now I not only write about her but have learned, from my UK friends, that she is a "blog moggie." I can't get enough of the little buggers. Thanks for the treats.

  5. Writing on walls. Worshipping cats. I told you it was Egypt redux.

    But you haven't included any dux, or pigs, or horses among your pictures. Probably by intention.


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