Friday, November 16, 2012

Gift Suggestions for those who have everything

Chartreuse says she has a family that is hard to buy Christmas gifts for because they have everything.  Here are some suggestions:

For the man who has everything - Penicillin
For the family who has everything - Help with the payments

If the family has small children - tools, drums or bagpipes are popular.  Or see ideas below.

Donations to charities are becoming quite common.

If the family is Republican - A donation in their name to the NAACP
If the family is Democrat - A donation in their name to the Westboro Baptist Church
If the family is Conservative - A donation in their name to Greenpeace
If the family is New Democrat - A donation in their name to the Canadian Nuclear Association

Speaking of donations to charities, long ago I made a list of excuses to replace the "I gave at the office" which is old, lame and no one believes anyway. The only one I can remember is this one: Alzheimer's Association - I forgot.

If any of my readers have other suggestions for other associations, I'd be pleased to hear from you.


  1. Here's some pretty good donation-y gifts—some where you get an actual present, too.

    This last one is especially cool—it's like a gift card, where the gift card is an investment in a small international business that will eventually pay you back and allow you to reinvest.

  2. Hey, I didn't realise you knew my family!

  3. I have a simple answer these days. " I'm sorry but at the present time I'm in the exact same position as the people you are collecting for". Usually followed by a click.

  4. Roses are red
    violet are blue
    horses that loose
    are made into glue.

    Some interesting suggestions, BF.

    Or I could make to the Canadian military, on your behalf, a donation to an F35.

  5. Ah, yes, noise-making toys for the children. Chocolates for the diabetic, a Toastmasters membership for the shy introvert, an isolation tank treatment for the claustrophobic, and a bottle for the recovering alcoholic. Did I miss anything?

    Love the glue factory - what twisted mind came up with that one?

    1. Ky, those are good ideas.
      Char, a shotgun approach is bound to hit something
      Demeur, a soft answer...
      Crum, the fact that 47% of Americans don't earn enough to qualify to pay federal income tax is sad.
      RB, not an F35. I am more in favour of a European built fighter
      Diane, Re glue factory, I have a few other pictures of similar somewhere in my collections. If I run across them I will post them later.


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