Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kitten Update

Finally sent off a not bad draft of a consulting report I have been working on for months.  Maybe now I can have enough energy at day's end to blog again.  I call it War and Peace though Tanya reminded me W&P is over 1000 pages while my report is only about 140 with over 100 tables and 60 odd charts.  Trend analysis is such fun.  Client is happy so far and already I have thought of a few more revisions to make.  Poems, love affairs and consulting reports are never finished, merely abandoned.

The kittens were a month old yesterday.  The little black kitten figured out how to climb in and out of their bed last Thursday and went exploring every chance she got.  She is littlest, but not from lack of food, as she is as aggressive as any of them.  And smarter and braver.

Black and white kitten climbed out the next day or fell out on his head more like and fell back in again.  So graceful.  By Saturday both of them were jumping in and out.  B&W is quite sturdy and has learned how to run already.

The two tiger (three colour) kittens (is this 'tortoise shell' pattern?) never had the gumption to climb out until Sunday morning.  They looked over the edge lots but wouldn't make the leap. But they loved to run around inside their big bed and wrestle each other.  All four of them are into the wrestling stage now.  Black kitty will tackle both tiger kittens at the same time.

Sunday noon, we moved them from the bedroom to the back room.  It is a 6'x14' room with a door from the kitchen in one wall and one into the garage on one end and the passageway to the out-building at the other. It has several pantry cupboards  and tables and is where the litter box and feeding dishes are located at opposite ends of the room.

Krasotka wasn't pleased but the kittens love it.  Lots of places to explore and if we aren't careful that includes the kitchen.  We wanted them near the food dish so they would learn to eat and near the litter box so they would learn to...never mind.

Tanya fed Krasotka some canned cat food on a saucer and the little black kitten was right in there eating along with her.  She must have figured it was not very good as she has shown no interest in it since.  But they are curious and it won't be long before they all go to investigate what their mother is doing.

Krasotka still goes to the attic every day to "hunt birds and mice" get away from her children.  She sometimes forgets she is a mother with responsibilities and thinks she is just a young cat.  She went out one night at 10:00 pm and wasn't home by midnight.  At 1:00 am she banged on the window to be let in. At least she was sober.


Ky said...

I think the tri-colour ones are known as calico, aren't they?
Oh, they're all just so adorable!

LynnieC said...

I love the one with the moustache!! What are their names? The roommies want to know.

Chartreuse said...

What are your plans for their future? I'm sure you'd have lots of blog offers of homes (except for the little problem of transport)! Though I can ell appreciate the effort that must have gone into your consultancy report (indeed, I get shivers when I remember some of the formulae I had to devise for multi-sheet Excel files in my own long-ago consultancies), I'm grateful you're sharing your kitten reports instead of that.

The Blog Fodder said...

I like calico. I will go with that. Isn't there a children's book about a Calico Cat?

The Blog Fodder said...

No names yet. If you call kiss kiss kiss kiss (Russian variant of here kitty, kitty, kitty) they all look at you and one or two will actually start towards you.

The Blog Fodder said...

I have offered to fax them to people who have asked. We have homes already for two of them and we will keep one (or two???).
My Excel skills are pretty basic. I have a financial template developed by my friend Robert that I use when we are working together on business plans. This last go round consisted mostly of crunching millions of numbers into small packages and trying to make sense of them. One province, 6 counties, 12 years, five livestock species, 4 products, 20 crops, 40 vegetables, 30 fruits and nuts. All were boringly normal which was good.

Diane Henders said...

Awwwww! That is the cutest bouquet of little furry faces I've seen in a long time!

Glad you got your report done - swimming back to the surface after one of those is always a relief, isn't it? My brain aches just thinking about it.