Thursday, April 11, 2013

Many Ideas, Many Thanks

My thanks to those who emailed, Face Booked and commented on my last blog post requesting ideas:

I liked several of them...well, OK, all of them...

Outdoor School when the kids were in Grade 7 and 8 was a good time and I have some good pictures if I can find them.  It was predigital in those days.

Cows, or as MayB would say ABC "Another Bloody Cow".  There are lots of interesting things to say about cows and I have pictures from several countries, possibly even Iran.

More on places I have visited c/w pictures - that got a couple of votes and I have several ideas: such as Traditional felt-making in Mongolia

Remembering the Farm - my kids like that.  I am not close enough to BS them in person so blogging is next best.  I can blog about bad winters, bad cows and good horses, for example.

Everyday life in Ukraine (not just Tanya's and mine) got several votes.  Why the roads are bad; dealing with the reality of poverty in the economy; the insanity of traffic laws; traditional foods and food traditions...

Random idea generating - other blogs, dictionary etc.  Worth a try

GMOs.  This is close to getting into the rant area but if I can avoid that, I do have several subjects on which I may have an opinion if pushed hard enough.


  1. I like all of these - plus the posts of your flowers and gardens in different times of the seasons, and the humorous Tanya-ism stories.

  2. Seems you've got a coupe of months worth of topics. Bob and Doug McKenzie would be pleased!

    ~ Bear


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