Monday, April 1, 2013

Krasotka's Kittens

Krasotka (Babe) was Roman's cat.  She came to live with us January 2nd, much to the delight of Kuchma who never met a female cat he didn't like.  Two weeks later she was pregnant and her four kittens are two weeks old today.

She likes to look out the window in my office

We made a bed for her in the closet under the stairs

Four kittens: two tiger, one black and white and one black and grey
Here they are at six days old
Today we put them on the floor for a few minutes to crawl around

Their legs are not very strong yet but they were interested in their surroundings
Krasotka watches from their bed box
The Hunter
When the babies are asleep and she needs a break, Krasotka will often come upstairs.  We have a large attic over the garage which both cats enjoy exploring because there are mice there once in awhile, so I let her in if she asks.   The roof/ceiling needs repairs as there are two holes under the corrugated panelling through which about once or twice a year a small bird will enter and need to be rescued.  Krasotka will sit motionless on that ledge by those holes for an hour or more, listening to the birds hopping and chirping on the roof just above her head. She is certain that if she waits, a bird will enter through the hole.  When I get tired of waiting for her I grab her and haul her out of there growling at me for ruining her hunting.


  1. Kittens are such time wasters, if you measure time in productive terms. Measuring in levels of contentment and joy, they are time pleasers (or time pleasures). :-)

    1. I haven't had a batch of kittens to watch grow up since I was a kid on the farm. It is wonderful to see them change day by day.

  2. Why work when you can watch kittens?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  3. Aw, so cute! I haven't seen kittens that small since I left the farm. What a sweet memory.


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