Thursday, July 4, 2013

Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down? | Alternet

Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down? | Alternet

Looking for comments on this one.


  1. Canada South, eh?? Doesn't sound bad to me.

    The problem is the stupidity of the South is spreading to the North, i.e. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc....

    One of the main reasons the South is so vehemently anti-union is that unions insure everyone gets the same wages and benefits and protections(can't just fire someone for no reason, etc.) regardless of color, creed, etc.

    Here’s McPherson from his essay “The War of Southern Aggression” in The New York Review of Books (Jan. 19, 1989): “Whether or not they owned productive property, all southern whites owned the most important property of all—a white skin. This enabled them to stand above the mudsill of black slavery and prevented them from sinking into the morass of inequality, as did wage workers and poor men in the North.”
    That pretty well explains the attitude and why they'll cut of their nose to spite their face when it comes to voting. In other words they don't care if it hurts them as long as it is worse for the blacks!!

    1. I never thought about the union equality thing being race related but you are right. And the point you make about the Southern attitudes spreading north are made by other commenters on the story. It is not going to have a happy ending, that is for sure.


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