Saturday, July 20, 2013

Love and Marriage: Part Three

Spoke with my son on Skype this morning and he told me this story.  It is apparently true but I have not bothered to find links to it.

A woman disappeared over 50 years ago (from BC?).  Her husband was suspected of murdering her and the cops dug up the yard looking fro her body.  No evidence of anything was found and he was never charged but when he died in the 90s, the cloud of suspicion hung over him still.

The woman has been found, alive and well, remarried and living in the Yukon.  She had simply left and never told anyone she was leaving or where she was going.

The reason her husband was suspected of murdering her?  He never reported her missing to the police for over four years.


  1. Yep, I saw that one, too - here's the link:

    It says something about their marriage, but I'm not sure what. If he was going to report her missing at all, why wait four years? And why bother after four years? And didn't anybody else notice she was gone?

    Truth is stranger than fiction...

    1. Reminds me of my favourite story of teh guy who responded to the question, "Why didn't you stop when I flashed my lights?" "My wife ran off with an RCMP last week and I was afraid it was him bringing her back".

  2. The tragic part is that I totally understand this.


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