Monday, July 1, 2013

Remembering Roman

Today, July 1, is the six month anniversary of Roman's death. Yesterday we had a family dinner in remembrance.  Tanya and Lina cooked everything up on Saturday night so it was just a matter of finishing Sunday morning.

The two of them got up early and went up to the cemetery, put fresh flowers on the grave and pulled weeds and grass around.  At 12:00 we sat down to dinner.  Tanya and I, Lina, Raia and Vladik (Roman's aunt and uncle), Andrei, Tania, Masha and Dasha too.  I was so happy that Andrei and family came as it was the first time they had been to our home since Roman died.

Dasha was good as could be; mostly she ate and slept but when she was awake she was all smiles and waving arms and legs.  I did have to smile as she is at just over two months the same weight as my son was at birth (4.65 kg, 10.25 lbs) but she is growing like a weed.  Her mother keeps her well fed.

It was a hard day for Lina and for Andrei, too.  They spent a lot of time together and walked up to the cemetery by themselves for an hour.  I was glad of that.

The only thing that could have made the day more perfect would have been if Roman could have been there. 


  1. Love you, Papa. Love to everyone out there, too.

  2. Remembrances are important. It's good you were able to have this day together to remember Roman.


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