Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Timmy has fallen down the well!

Enough knife-edge nail-biting politics.  Time for cats.

Bonya and Tigritsa are our two cats.  They will be a year old in a couple weeks.  We lost their father, Kuchma Kot, to diabetes at Christmas and their mother, Krasotka, disappeared from Lina's in May or June sometime.  (Lina has another of the litter, an evil black cat who looks like Putin so we named him Vovochka, soft or diminutive for Vladimir).

They keep us amused and we them.

Bonya likes to go outside, regardless of weather.  His schedule is usually includes outside at 5:00 am and home at 8:00 when we get up and let him in.  The other night Tanya needed to get up at 4:00 am so Bonya decided he should go outside at 4:00 am.  It was raining and cold but out he went.

Tanya then went upstairs to finish the night.  I was snoring according to her. Tigritsa went with her.  She is only my cat in the day time.  At 7:00 am Tanya is sleeping soundly and Tigritsa gets very agitated, meowing and running over Tanya's body, jumping off the bed running into another room and then back, jumping on the bed and meowing in Tanya's face.  She would not go away even when Tanya pushed at her.

Finally Tanya woke up enough to realize what was happening and went and opened the upstairs balcony door and let poor wet Bonya into the house.  He had given up waiting at the front door and climbed up the grapevine to the balcony which the cats often do and Tigritsa could see and hear him through the window in the door.  She worries about her brother I guess.


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