Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ukraine - More Good LInks

I just found this one today.  Don't know anything about the author Paul Goble but he is certainly well informed and writes with authority.  Warning - there are hours of reading on this blog site but well worth it.

Window on Eurasia

This one from The Moscow Times is a one pager of explanation for the names that Ukraine and Ukrainians are called by Russians and in the Russian media.  You can tell by the terms of endearment how Ukrainians are viewed and guess from that what is likely to be the fate of this country should it end up back under Moscow's heel.

How to Interpret Ukraine's Turmoil

This is a better version of the Bandera story I tried to explain in a previous post.  Understanding this is critical to understanding the whole load of Russian propaganda around Ukrainian "fascists" and so forth.  Since Putin's regime is fascist and since there are several extreme nationalist organizations in Russia, one would think they would see the humour in it but I guess not.

Getting To Know Stepan Bandera And What He Means For Ukraine’s Fight With Russia


  1. Paul Goble has been a journalist and has worked at the US State Department. He is now retired. He speaks Russian and Estonian. He has received an award from the Estonian government for his work during the breakup of the Soviet Union. He's providing a lot of good information during this crisis.

    1. Thanks. If I ever learn to automatically Google everything I don't know...

    2. It was easier for me because I know him personally a little bit. Had lunch with him in Tallinn.

    3. I signed up for your blog. The more I read the more frightened I become. Paul Goble's latest scares me spitless. This guy truly is Stalin all over again.

  2. Good articles and a fascinating background you have Cheryl.

    Just wanted to let you know Fodder that one of your locals was just added to the sanctions list (not that it matters much).

    KOHZIN, Vladimir Igorevich; DOB 28 Feb 1959; POB Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia (individual) [UKRAINE2].

  3. Never heard of the guy. We have relatives in Chelyabinsk which is about 2500 km from here.

  4. I would suspect he's one of Putin's wealthy cronies who was born there.


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