Monday, March 24, 2014

Ukraine - now THAT's a boycott

Russia has begun to make life economically miserable for Ukraine; stopping trucks at the border; raiding, then closing a Roshen (Proroshenko's) chocolate factory in Russia; raising gas prices to $500 per 1000 cubic meters, $150 more than they charge Europe.

Ukrainians have begun to boycott Russian goods, assuming they can find any. But the best boycott of all takes its cue from a 2400 year old civil action in Athens.  Called "Don't give it to Russian men", Ukrainian women are banding together to withhold sex from Russian men.  Complete with website and T-shirt.
The poster girls are are prominent professionals (and not of the “oldest” variety). There is Katerina Venzhik (left), chief editor of the news website Delo.UA, and Irina Rubis (right), CEO of the business web portal Ekonomika Communication Hub

Canada better not do anything to annoy Ukraine.


  1. For your sake, we'll be nice. I'll scribble off a note to Stephen Harper to advise him of the dire consequences...

    1. Thank you. And all the rest of the Canadian ex-pats in Ukraine thank you too.


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