Monday, August 10, 2015

Blue Passport Blues - The Saga Continues

On December 3, 2010, I posted Blue Passport Blues which has received the fifth most page views since I started blogging: 2400.  No idea why.  

So almost five years have passed and I have another new passport, this one good for 10 years but with 12 fewer pages so if it may fill up with visas and stamps before 2025 or maybe I will slow down in my old age.

My new passport is not quite as I described the last one;  Dark blue, with nice clean pages on the inside.  Not loud and garish.  Quiet and dignified.  Like Canadians.

Well, it is still dark blue but no longer quiet and dignified. Actually it looks like an American passport.  Tanya thinks it is quite nice so I guess I will go with her opinion. It is not a bridge I choose to die on.


We went to P'yatikhatki today to the documents office to begin the process of getting my permanent residency stamp in the new passport.  We got a list of the necessary documents to bring back, which they will forward to Dnipropetrovsk, where the passport will be duly stamped and I can cross the Unrainian border coming back from where ever.


  1. Wow! I think simply being able to spell "P'yatikhatki" correctly should qualify you for a special stamp in your passport. (Then again, I'm only guessing that you spelled it correctly...)

    1. Not only can I spell P'yatikhaki right (well, transliterations are never right) but I know that it is P'yatikhatSKI Raion and Dniproptrovs'KA Oblast.
      Three genders, six cases for nouns do not help any at all

  2. Mine is blue, also, but not nearly as pretty inside. After seeing "P'yatikhatki" I want to say gesundheit.

    1. Your passport is American? Doesn't it have pictures on the pages for visas and stamps? The ones I saw did.


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