Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I am so loved. My own workshop!

Tanya is never idle, as those of you who read my blog may have gathered.  She has a huge flower garden, a big kitchen garden which take a lot of her time.  She is also chief cook (I an chief bottle washer).  Only she can maneuver our way through the endless bureaucracy that is life in Ukraine.  Yesterday she was two hours in P'yatikhatki, dropping off my passport.  They had forgotten to tell her she needed to make a second payment at the bank which took an hour in line, then another hour to persuade them to give her a document indicating that they had my passport.

Yet she is never too busy to get or to give a kiss or a hug or a pat on the arm.  And at night when she snuggles up to me and puts her arm over me and hugs me, I feel so very loved.

Tanya has also been busy since May 2014 with contractors doing work on our house and yard. I posted a few days ago about our new fence. She enjoys this so much, she should have been in house construction.  Seriously.  I call her Генерална Контрактовна, General Contractor (pun intended). Our garage was filled with stuff with no where to put it.  The walls and ceiling were black with exhaust smoke from the old Lada and the single bulb hanging from a cord in the middle of the ceiling illuminated nothing. This spring she had Zhenia clean it up and paint the walls white, install a ceiling and real lights.  He with another man helping (he doesn't try to do everything by himself since his heart attack) just built me a workbench and shelving so now I have a real workshop.

Tanya bought the wood to build it.  I knew she bought it but thought she would just buy the rough cut green lumber from the little mill two blocks away.  The stuff I built Volk's doghouse from last fall - which now has a half inch gap between all the boards.  I could have lived with that easy enough. But no, she wanted it nice for me and bought kiln-dried dimension lumber for framing and planed tongue and groove 30 mm or 1 1/4"  flooring for shelves and bench top. Flooring is the only planed lumber available in Zhovti Vody.  I nearly cried when I realized what she had done.  I am so loved.

And you have no idea how much I love her.

Four meters of shelving and bench

Workbench and shelving for tools and small stuff

Shelving for big stuff

Ceiling with lights

Looking out the garage door

Breaker panel. We have 1 km of wiring in our home

Door into the house


  1. Beautiful! (Both the workshop and the sentiment.) :-)

  2. Looks really great. To be loved and love in return is the only thing important in life.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Either she really loves you - or she really wants you to spend more time in the garage and less in the house. :)

  4. Wow. Very nice shelves and bench, beautifully constructed. Definitely an expression of love. I hadn't commented before on the new fence and gates. They are pretty well a work of art with the patterned fence and artistic gates.

    1. The concrete precast fences come in hundreds of designs and colour options. They are then made to order. The gate is Tanya's own design with help from the ready made pieces. Zhenia is a good welder.

  5. Let us know when clutter has expanded to fill the available space and you can no longer find your workbench.


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