Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fence Me In or Of Fences and Flowers

We got about 15 mm rain yesterday and last night which was so needed to fill to corn and sunflower.  And to rejuvenate Tanya's flowers.  It has been so hot and dry, they have not looked their best.  Already this afternoon, they are perking up.  Tanya has been cleaning up the spring and summer flowers so there are bare patches.  Even the gladiolas are finished.  Roses are making a comeback and this rain will sure help.

Front left, when facing the street

Front right when facing the street

Side garden looking west

Side garden looking east

The real reason though for not posting pictures was to hide the latest project at our home. We now have a new front fence and gates.  This was a great deal of work and took several weeks.  Our contractor Zhenia put up the fence around our kitchen garden last spring all by himself because he needed the money.  He didn't need a heart attack but he got that anyhow and could not work for several months.  When he came back, he brought his father and two young men with him which we were glad to see. He also had a professional welder helping to make our gates, though he is a good welder himself.

The fence is made up of pre-cast concrete slabs with a pattern on one side.  They slide into grooves on concrete posts.  We also have a new sidewalk along our front fence.  At first Tanya was going to make it into flower beds then decided she did not need any more space for flowers.

Our new front fence, left facing the house

Our new front fence right facing the house

Our new sidewalk and gate along the front of the house

Our new front gate

Custom built gates - buy the fancy stuff and weld it together

The inside of the fence is relatively smooth.


  1. Tanya's garden is lovely, and your new fence is a work of art! We got hit with two massive hailstorms back to back on two days, and the only survivors were the daylilies. But at least I don't feel any pressure to make the garden look nice now...

    1. Calgary has had some dreadful weather this summer. Hail made salad of a great many gardens there. Sorry about your flowers. That is always so discouraging. We were lucky a few times this summer with only mild hail.
      Our fence is nice and in a few years the Virginia creeper will come back and cover it all again.

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