Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring, at last

The days are warm.  Bird songs fill the air.  The trees are going rapidly from light green to dark green as the leaves explode.  Apricots are in full pink or white bloom everywhere. And we are having a thundershower as I type.

When we left for Kyiv Monday evening, there were a few blooms in Tanya's flower beds but today it seemed like everything burst into colour. Tulips, daffodils, early lilies, miniature hyacinths, miniature iris and bedding plants Tanya had purchased.

These are my photos.  Tanya's are much better and I will use them next time. Click to enlarge.

Front flower garden

Kitchen garden, outlined in Iris

Colourful corner

My favourite spring flower

Tanya's new tulips, her favourite this year

Coat of many colours


Our apricot tree, just starting to bloom.  This will be our first apricots from this tree

Tanya planted six Scotch Pine this spring

The side flower garden

And four Spruce trees


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