Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The village is home to many cows and goats. Cows are walked to pasture every morning . Pasture is village-common grazing land along the river. Someone watches over the cattle all day and the owners come to collect them at night. I think they may take turns as guards but I am not certain. There are no fences to keep cows in. Yard fences are to keep cows and people out. Gardens are usually not fenced. Any cow left out at night would be long gone by morning and in someone's deep freeze or sold to a village far away.

Goats are usually tethered closer to home . We ran across a nanny and two small kids one one of our walks. No camera of course. The kids were not tethered. Pups and kids were curious and respectful of each other. There are several goats tethered out around our neighbourhood but none with such little ones.

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