Friday, June 27, 2008

Through Streets Broad and Narrow

We went to Dnipropetrovsk today to pick up a package Bron had sent back with a visitor to the Farm Progress show in Regina. Driving in Dnipropetrovsk is not my favourite thing so when we got to our favourite mall, "DAFI the Dolfin", I parked. We walked from there about four blocks to TAKO, my Home Depot away from home (except no wood or woodworking tools). I bought a wheelbarrow and a few other small things.

From TAKO to DAFI is easy to drive, regardless of traffic. All right hand turns. From DAFI to TAKO is impossibly difficult even in light traffic. I loaded my stuff in the wheelbarrow and pushed it out the door, headed for the car, much to the delight of the sales clerks and Tanya's chagrin, (I did offer her a ride). Tanya followed about 10 minutes behind so no one would ever guess we were together. Though she wished she had a camera.

She has been laughing at me ever since and has told everyone the story.

She also wants to know why $100 is a good price for MY wheelbarrow but too much for HER shoes.

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