Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Yesterday was Father's Day in Canada. (I think it was Ascension Day here or something as today is a church holiday). It was a good day, all in all. We got an inch of rain and my kids emailed and phoned. Number One Son sent an email that was one line long with three sentences but got the message across as well as a longer letter. Ky sent me an ecard that was far funnier than she knew at the time. May-b wrote a nice eulogy in her blog and then she and Ky phoned me just to talk. Which we did. At length.
Lynniec is currently in California on business but I KNOW she will email me when she gets back and tell me all about her trip. She is researching crime stories for a Regina-based TV production company. This apparently includes lunching with FBI agents and visiting Alcatraz. Cool. The Rock! USA has Alcatraz. We have Newfoundland. We win.

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  1. You "know" I'll email you? Oh dad, have I taught you nothing about me?

    PS. Sword in the Stone is coming out on DVD and I could pee my pants, I'm so excited. Hurray!


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