Thursday, June 5, 2008

Three Generation Friends

A good friend of mine is in hospital in Saskatoon after stem cell transplant treatment, coming along nicely and should be well out and recovered for his oldest daughter’s wedding this summer. It has been hard not to be able to visit him but he or his wife keep me posted by email.

He and his wife are among my “three generation” friends. Which is to say our parents were/are friends, we’ve known each other most of our lives and now our kids are friends, too. I can list a few but will surely miss some so commentators (my kids) can fill in. A cattle and wheat farmer south of Alsask, a pharmacist in Winkler, a teacher in Leader, a senior manager in Calgary, a honey farmer at Shellbrook: examples of families with very close ties over three generations.

Three generations of friendship says something about closeness of spirit. They are good people. I miss them.

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  1. We are so blessed to have those three generation friends.

    There's also a four generation friend set that really amazes me: the family that came to Canada from Ireland with your Grandfather. That one might even be several more generations further back than what we know of.


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