Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day in Canada but not here in Ukraine. I guess Hallmark didn't think the Soviet Union would be a big market when it invented the day.
So far I've heard from two of my kids but I KNOW the others won't forget. I even got an ecard from one. I am loved.



    We made father's day frames at the library today. Yours will be hanging on the wall in the library for years to come and you can visit it next time you're in Etown.

    Happy Father's day!

  2. I thought every day was Fodder's Day with you!

  3. Breakfast foods grow odder and odder. Its a wise child that knows its fodder. Ogden Nash

  4. Happy father's day dad, call you in five minutes.

    My verification word is terwat.

  5. And he did call me. My children are quite bright but a couple of them, you have to get their attention sometimes.


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