Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tanya's Thanks

Tanya says Thank You to all of you who have commented on her flowers and invites all to come and see them for real. "This is only the second year of my flower garden. Every year it will look better as it fills in. I have plans..."

When we were first married, I promised to keep her in "Roses, Champaign and Chocolate". There has been a bottle of her favourite Champaign in the house for two months, untouched. Chocolate is no big deal; I crave it worse than she does. The "Roses" have become Carte Blanche to do what she wants with her flower garden. How could I refuse something that brings her so much joy? After 8 hours digging in the dirt, she comes home dog-tired and oh so happy.

It truly is a labour of love for her. We have not had real rain for two months, only a couple of showers and hot dry winds take what little moisture there is. She spends hours and hours every day hand watering her flower garden and kitchen garden with a sprinkler nozzle. I have tried to get her to use a mechanical sprinkler but she prefers to give her plants personal attention.

She thinned the beets yesterday in 28 degree heat. The peas are blooming and pods have begun forming so they will need their first picking soon. The strawberries are coming on strong. We will make much jam and frozen fruit from them as we will have no other fruit of any kind this year. The frost took out cherries, apricots, apples and even the walnuts. Next year everything will likely yield like crazy, including our raspberries and blackberries that were planted this year.

We need working guests for July and August!!


  1. That is July and August 2010. Ordinary guest welcome anytime.

  2. we just planted some raspberry shoots (taken from someone else's garden). they haven't died yet! love to visit!

  3. Glad to know that Tanya's labour of love is coming along so nicely. Yeaaaa, Tanya.

    I'd come in July or August, but I'm allergic to work. Besides, I've got livestock to feed -- you understand that, yes?

  4. Rob will be out next year. You know bears always go for berries.

  5. Remind me not to come in July and August. I had enough of gardening in Craven to last me a lifetime. Or two.

  6. PN - you guys are welcome any time. Love to have you here.
    RB and D - I need something here about bear-berrians but can't come up with anything.
    MB - I know, but it allowed your mom to stay home a lot of years and raise you kids and half the neighbours' too.

  7. What, exactly are "bear-berrians"?

    This is way too complex for a Bear of little brain.

  8. RB, I don't know either but they are always "at the gates".

  9. Oh, THOSE berries. You put them at the garden gates so the Bears will eat those instead of the produce in the garden.

    Are you going a bit "simple" on us, now that you're living in the "almost-far" east? A few roos loose in your top paddock?

  10. I've always heard that gardening is good for the heart and soul. But I hate sweating and getting dirty. bummer


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