Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You don't love me?

Tanya went to the market today to buy some tomatoes and a chicken to cook for supper. She was wearing a multi coloured print top and black pants that stopped half way between her knees and her ankles when she went into the market. When she came out about 35 minutes later carrying two bags, she was still wearing a multi coloured top and black pants that stopped halfway between her knees and ankles.

"You don't love me?" "Huh?" "You don't notice my new pants? If you loved me you would notice everything." This one is unwinable. They are different, as she pointed out, in fabric and fashion. Immediate surrender is the only option.

At breafast, I went to make some toast. The loaf is missing both ends, the edges, the top and the bottom. I look at what is left. I look at Tanya. The bottom slice is disappearing, covered with honey. "That is for you (indicating the rest of the loaf). You see what a good wife I am. I worry about you. You are old and don't have good teeth." Now how much more of a loving wife could I ask for?

Post script: At supper tonight I was eating ground beef and broke the side out of one of my molars. Sigh.


  1. Are you still sure that moving to the Ukraine was a good plan?

  2. At least she didn't leave you burnt toast or worse peanut brittle.

  3. You can't beat crustless bread for a sign of love.


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