Friday, June 12, 2009

Reasons I Love My Wife

Today was houseplant day. Tanya got up at 6:00 am, watered her flowers until 9:00 and then came in to repot a number of plants and care for the other 47 in the house. The kitchen counter was covered with mud, pots and plants. She decided she wanted breakfast, cleared off a spot, plunked down the breadboard and the remnants of a loaf of bread. Both ends and one side already gone (crust is her favourite slice); and the other side and bottom next. Leaving me with the centre of the loaf.

Tanya called Andrei this morning to sort him out about something. Masha overheard her Papa’s end of the “conversation”. Several hours later she calls her Babushka:
“I am worried about you since you and Papa had that argument”.
“You are not worried about your Papa?”
“No. Next time he phones you, don’t answer”.
“Good advice, Masha, thanks”.

The downstairs bedroom cools off pretty good at night. Tanya had the blanket. I had the sheet. At 4:00 am I am getting cold and try to sneak under the blanket. She is barely awake but: “Are you cold?” “Yes”. Mutter mutter “…old men need to keep warm...” Whumph. I got the blanket. She got the sheet.

We were driving to P’yatikhatki the other day. “Do you remember when you were driving in Victoria at night? I wasn’t worried…I didn’t know how bad a driver you were. Now I would be scared”. I get no respect.


  1. Nothing like getting old and cold.

  2. On the contrary, BF -- you get exactly the respect you deserve.

    Did you realize you were marrying a mad planter when you got married?

  3. D - old and cold. Sounds like porridge.
    RB - From one extreme to the next. Ella could kill plants just by being in the same room, though her father was an avid gardener (wasn't she a movie star?).

  4. I just need to know one thing: did she lay the blanket on you or throw it AT you?


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