Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fleeing the country

My youngest moved to England, to find work as a librarian, she hopes.  You can read about her adventures on her new blog, started just for the purpose.  Sort of getting close to back where we started.  My maternal grandmother's people were from Yorkshire while my paternal grandparents were from Ireland.  One of my dad's cousins, in her '90's, lives in Bath.

She is now two time zones away from us in Ukraine.  Same number of time zones as Regina (May-B) from Victoria (Ky).  They are two provinces apart.  Lyn and I are several countries apart.

Distance isn't what it was when my grandparents came to Canada in 1906.  One of my Grandfather's brothers stayed behind in Ireland.  They never saw each other again. That was not uncommon.  When people moved, they disappeared forever from the lives of those they left behind.  Other than a few letters.  Those people were really brave.

But it still takes courage to head out on your own to a new country to seek your fortune.  And whatever else she can find.  This from her Facebook: LynnieC is in London. Did you know that all the hottest men in the world live here? Also, there's some historical stuff, I guess?

Good thing she has a hotmale address.


  1. Haha. The cousin in her 90s lives in Shrewsbury. I'm not sure how old Elona is, but she's the one that lives in Bath.

  2. Living in Bath in cold weather cannot be good, no matter how warm the water.

    And yes, separated by two time zones, or eight (Canada to the Ukraine), is a bit of a challenge, without the internet. Or coldmail.

  3. I don't know, Elona looks very young but the waters of Bath (bathwater?) are famous.

    Then there was the Wife of Bath, your mother's favourite Chaucer character.


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