Thursday, December 16, 2010

Roman Starts Kindergarten

Tanya was telling me stories about her boys when they were young.  The kind of stories only a mother can tell. Good blog material for a few days here.

Roman as a small child used to bug his mother to take him to work so he could see what she did.  Tanya always put him off by saying she had a very bad boss and so could never take him to work.

Roman started Kindergarten at age three (daycare is called Kindergarten in the FSU as it is more structured than our daycare).  His first day there, another little boy cried the whole time.  Finally Roman asked him why.  He wanted to go home.  He missed his mother and just wanted to go home.  Roman said, "Well lets go, I'll help you".  And two three-year-old boys headed out, unnoticed by anyone.

One of Tanya's friends who drove a local shuttle bus, saw the boys, asked what they were doing.  "Looking for this boy's home". So he picked them up and took them to Tanya's workplace.  Tanya phoned the Kindergarten.  "Do you know where Roman and ____ are?"  "They are right here". "Maybe you should look".

In the meantime Tanya's co-workers and boss were all gathered around the boys having a good laugh at their escapade.  Roman said to his mother "How come you said you have such a bad boss?  Look, he is smiling at me and friendly."


  1. Oh my gosh! Good thing Tanya's friend noticed them!
    That's hilarious ... I just knew that kid was going to meet the boss! ;p
    They say kids and drunks tell the truth.



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