Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Get you in the Christmas Spirit

 One of my favourite Carols, sung by the Celtic Women, live from Dublin.



  1. That was beautiful! I love that group as well.
    Lovely ladies. :)


  2. To throw in my snarky two cents just watched the 22 minutes Christmas parody with the Celtic clan. I'd never make it through the holidays without Canadian humor especially this year.

  3. They certainly put paid to the comment from a famous conductor at the Met who said that women who sing like canaries eat like horses and vice versa. The Celtic Women both look and sound heavenly.

    Can someone find me the exact name and quotation?

    22 Minutes is a great show even without Rick Mercer. Is the Royal Canadian Air Farce still on? They were better on radio but pretty good on TV too.


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