Thursday, December 9, 2010

Irreverend Christmas Lights and Cartoons

My all-time favourite cartoon.  The expressions are priceless

I would dearly love to do this one sometime.


  1. My favourite is the deer heads pulling the "sleigh". ;p
    Those were cute! :)


  2. I don't even understand how we're related.

  3. Ky, I think you are my daughter. We should do DNA just to make sure.

  4. lol at Ky's comment! I love the fake snow cone boob one!! It is a pleasure for you to follow my blog and I will do the same...I have read your blog off and on for quite a while...there is room for everyone in blogland.

  5. I was going to send you the pic of Sarah Palin, but I see you have it already.

    Imagine that; the Sarah who killed Christmas.

    The other cartoons are, shall I say, "expressive."

    Well done, BF!

  6. Ky, maybe we can pretend we're adopted?

  7. This looks like a challenge. Now I'll have to find something to one up him.


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