Saturday, April 23, 2011

христос воскрес

Masha was here today, colouring Easter eggs with her Babushka.  Maybe somewhere in Ukraine they are making the beautiful traditional eggs but here it is dye them one colour and stick on fancy decals from the store. Tanya bought a number of the traditional Easter breads yesterday so she and Masha made up three baskets of eggs and bread.  One for each of the families.  Lena is going to church tomorrow at 5:00 am.  At that hour she can go on behalf of all of us.

This past week was spring cleaning for the city.  For several days early in the week hundreds of people turned out to rake the parks and boulevards, clean up the flower beds and whitewash the curbs on the main streets.  University students, highschool students, even the little kids got in the act. It is all volunteer, a carry over from previous times and every one seemed to be having a good time.

People have been busy in the cemetery, too.  Cleaning around family grave sites, planting flowers  and getting ready for next Sunday when people traditionally visit the graves of relatives in remembrance.

And the Priest shouted to the congregation "Христос воскрес! Christ is risen!"
And the congregation relied with one voice "Воистину, воскрес! Truly, he is risen"


  1. The pic of the pysanky eggs is absolutely exquisite! Mine are pale in comparison, but then, who's comparing eh!
    Happy Easter Blog Fodder.

  2. I looked for Google images under Христос воскрес. Don't worry, Tanya and Masha did not do those.

  3. I recall when I was very young my sister and I needed easter egg dye. It was Sunday and the only thing open at that time was a Jewish general store and deli. You guess it, we went in and my sister asked if they had easter egg dye.

  4. Belated Easter greetings. We just got home from NB.


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