Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So you know where we are going

Click to expand so you can actually read it.

From the left - first red arrow is Dnipropetrovsk, next red arrow is Moscow.  Then look waaaay over.  Top red arrow is Krasnoyarsk (city of 1 million).  Middle red arrow is Abakan where we are headed.  The bottom red arrow is the city, Kyzyl, we visited in 2006 where Tanya's cousin Kolya lives.  We will not likely go there this time though the drive through the mountains is lovely.

We leave tomorrow morning (April 27) from the house at 9:00 by taxi to the bus station in Zhovti Vody and catch a minibus at 9:40 to Dnipropetrovsk, arriving a bit before 11:00.  Our train leaves at 2:15 and we get into Moscow at 10:00 next morning (April 28th).  Our plane doesn't leave for Krasnoyarsk until about 11:00 at night, arriving at 7:30 am the next morning.  Four and a half hour flight and three hour time difference. 

Then we catch a bus for Abakan which will take 5 or 6 hours, not sure.  it is just over 400 km so depending on how many stops.  The road is actually good as it was new five years ago. We should be in Abakan some time on the afternoon of April 29th.  A few hours over two days. 

We could fly direct to Abakan from Moscow but it is double the price so we fly to Krasnoyarsk.  We could take the train the whole way but it is four days instead of two. It is a long way.


  1. Have a great trip. I downloaded and zoomed in on the map to see more closely where you are going. I recall from a previous post (but did not find it now) that you are away for several weeks. I hope you are able to post updates and pictures of your trip.

  2. Have a great trip, have fun and i hope you take lots of pictures to show us from your long journey. I took the opportunity to look for Kiev and Chernoble on your map as thats about all i know other than Moscow and now Abakan but couldn't find them...now have to google or it will just keep bugging me. Only have 30 mins. before our big do or die game. If you see Pavel Bure on your trip please tell him i still love him.

  3. A but surprised you had the guts to post your Magnitsky vs Kaspersky piece before delivering youself to so many days in Mother Russia!
    Still, that trip is one i am sure I would like to take so good luck, good weather and watch your mouth!

  4. DC, will try. We hope to access internet while there.
    Lorraine, Kyiv or Kiev is just above the A in UKRAINE on the map and Chernobyl is above and to the right, near the Belorussian border but is not marked on that map.
    SR, thanks for leaving a comment. If I could speak fluent Russian, I would really get into trouble. Which is why I don't go to America, as I do speak English.

  5. Sorry to let you know if you didn't know yet the Habs just lost their game 7 in Boston.
    Thanks for the info Fodder; i am so ignorant, didn't know Kyiv was the same as Kiev but now i do. Is Chernobyl now just wiped from the maps?
    I've long been a fan of
    http://elenafilatova.com who i'm sure you know of. I'm very interested in Chernobyl, what happened there and now.

  6. I am afraid Chernobyl will be on the map for thousands of years. Google it and look at pictures of the abandoned city of Pripyat. It is so sad that the lives of so many were destroyed because of the lying bastards in Moscow.

  7. Looks like a terrific adventure, but exhausting. I hope all goes well and that you enjoy your trip.


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