Thursday, April 21, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Tanya planted her gladiolas today and a bunch of some kind of lily.  It was sunny so I took some pictures.  When we get home in mid-May it will have changed a lot. Tanya is getting enough of various flowers to start filling in solid beds.  Starting with tulips, which I hope we will have some blooming before we leave on Tuesday.  The lilies in the picture below started out as three three years ago. The daffodils are doing fine; there eare a couple of clumps of them now.  Some blooming as you see and some to bloom shortly.

Side flower bed running from street to almost back of the lot
Front flower bed, from the walk to the driveway
Kuchma is a big help


  1. Very nice. Flowers are on hold in my region, Eastern Washington state, until unseasonably cold weather, freezing rain, hail and snow finally give way to something better. That's assuming it will at some point give way. We're on track to break the record for the latest arrival of a 60° F. day. The average is March 21, but we haven't had one yet.

  2. Looks delightful, BF. This year we don't have a garden.

    Perhaps a window box on our balcony, in due course.

    Tanaya's is looking . . . well-started.

  3. We still have snow.

    You suck.

  4. Lovely flowers. May your garden be bountiful this spring and summer. The daffodils look especially nice.

    On this end, I have various vegetable seedlings growing on the windowsill, waiting for an opportune time to go in the ground. Hardneck garlic planted last fall is growing nicely in my garlic patch.

  5. Our garden bedding plants will go in sometime in early May, along with the beans. The corn will get seeded tomorrow. If we get a nice rain and some heat next week, things will really jump.


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