Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another hard day at the office

Normal rising time is 9:00 am in winter. By 10:00 I was showered and dressed. No idea why - sometimes that doesn't happen until 4:00 pm. Tanya made a pot of tea and I did up yesterday's dishes. There weren't many.

Looked outside and my dogs were on the street. The two dogs live to run on the street for a while, go and visit other dogs in the neighbourhood and then come home and be duly bribed back into their yard. Three days ago Volk discovered how to escape over their high yard fence. Next day Bobik figured it out too. He is a bit slow on the uptake. Not the first escapes. We had to knock down a couple of piles of things that they learned to use to escape over the fence. Last escape was over a year ago.

I tried to find the escape route but no obvious places. Fresh snow yielded no tracks along the fence. Snow along the top of the fence had not been disturbed. There was some old steel fencing leaning against the old outdoor privy about a meter from the fence. No tracks to it but I moved it anyway. If they are still in their yard tomorrow morning, I will know the escape route but not the methodology for covering tracks. Are they reading Westerns?

We went into the city (sometimes I say into town, sometimes into the city, same thing) for dog food, groceries and to pick up a dress Tanya had at the sewing shop. Tanya says she needs a simple sewing machine. Simple. Like her ideal microwave: two buttons - Make Hot; Open Door.

White sugar was $1 per kg. Brown sugar was $10 per kg. I declined the honour until next month. No brown sugar, no desserts. Don't need them anyhow. Anyone coming to visit? Bring brown sugar.

So tonight Tanya is downstairs watching TV and I am upstairs on the computer. Decide it is time for another coffee and start thumpingly down the stairs. Thumpingly because our floors are cold and I have to wear old man slippers aka mules, which I have not yet mastered. Tanya catches my eye and quietly goes "Sssshhh"...long pause...points to sleeping cat and cracks up laughing. Groan.


  1. Tanya is a hoot.

    And brown sugar is $10?! At least they're selling it there, I guess...

  2. If you can get molasses for a good price, just add it to white sugar to make it brown. Maryanne does it all the time. So do the sugar companies.

    1. If you are coming to visit, bring molasses. I can't find cooking molasses here.
      I still have half a litre from Canada. I use it for cookies and baked beans but the last batch of beans I used too much and had to eat them all myself.

  3. Not only have they learned to cover tracks, they appear to be doing it from the other side of the fence.

  4. Snow's laid out your problem very clearly. Those dog's must have been reading a lot of Westerns, and have become really good covering tracks, being cagey at the same time. The minute you think you're smarter than them, they've got you.

    I should compare white and brown sugar prices in Saskatchewan and report back to you.

    BTW, did you ever get a hacker to help you?

    1. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Sherlock Holmes.
      Got 'em this morning. There was a tiny window, high up in their "room" that I had discounted as too high to reach. It wasn't, apparently. There were tracks leading away from it in fresh snow this morning. Single tracks - they walked in the same footprints each time. They are reading Westerns.
      There is no hack for my DVD player as the software is ROM I was told and cannot be changed.
      Let me know the price difference in sugars, please. Doubt it is more than a few cents.


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