Saturday, February 11, 2012

Isaac Beckley Werner (1845-1895)

Isaac Werner, homesteader, agriculturalist, inventor, journalist, scholar and political activist, homesteaded in Kansas in the last decades of the 19th century.  Author Lynda Beck Fenwick (you can read about her here: was born and grew up not far from where he homesteaded.  She learned, not long ago that he had kept a journal of his years in Kansas which had been preserved by her late cousin.  Fenwick was able to track down the journal at a museum in St John, Kansas, county seat and Werner's nearest large town.

There were exciting things happening in Kansas the years Werner farmed there and  Lyn Fenwick decided to bring the area and time to life, through Isaac Werner's life, using his journal as a starting point. Last October Ms. Fenwick started a blog to describe her search for Isaac Werner's life as she researched her book.  My friend, John Jackson, from Kansas who knows Lyn personally, tipped me off that I should follow her blog and I have certainly not regretted it.  Werner was an interesting man and Fenwick is a very good writer.

She writes an entry about once a week so you can easily start at the beginning and catch up rapidly as there are only 20 so far.
You can follow her blog here: Author Lynda Beck Fenwick


  1. Thank you for sharing my blog site. I haven't been roaming around to see what's going on in the Ukraine for awhile, as I have been annotating Isaac's Journal to make it easier for people to understand and I have been editing and polishing the 1st draft of the manuscript. Actually, I am not Isaac's cousin, although he certainly seems like family at this point. It is my cousin who preserved Isaac's Journal, and her grandfather (my great grandfather) was Isaac's friend. I'm so glad our mutual friend "introduced" us. Lyn

    1. Obviously reading comprehension is not my strong suit some days. I repaired the misinformation.


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