Friday, February 3, 2012

Regional Code Hack Needed for LG DVD/VCR DC699X

My DVD Player, Model DC699X bought in Ukraine, is set with the FSU regional code and will not play my North American DVDs.
Anyone out there know of a hack that will allow me to set the regional code to 0 so it will play any DVD?
There is a hack for an LG BD370 but according to there isn't one for the DC699X.
Just checking.


  1. Good luck getting hackers to identify themselves.

  2. I don't need a hacker. Just an anonymous tip that entering such and such a code on the remote or downloading a small software program found on such and such a website will allow me to reset the Regional Code. I don't expect anyone in North America will have any experience. Most likely Europe.

  3. I will get with my resident computer geek and get back to you. He knows all about such things. I am clueless. May take a bit I have appointments today.

  4. Unfortunately my computer guru tells me that this DVD player is permanently locked and can not be changed. :-(

  5. Re: Demeur's info. It's probably set up in a ROM, not an E-PROM. The former, as the acronym implies, is read only. The latter can be overwritten.

    My suggestion is to contact LG's European distributor or corporate headquarters and ask if your unit can be modified. If not your only recourse is to buy a DVD player set up for N. American-type DVD's or for all DVD's.

  6. go on e-bay and pick up a U.S DVD cheap - probably the best answer.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  7. Thanks, Everyone. I have had it confirmed from several sources that it is in fact set up in a ROM and not subject to messing around. I will have to look for another DVD player that will play all regions. I had a cheap one portable but it broke down. Will see what I can find at the local electronics shop.


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