Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dr. John Atta Mills 1944-2012

Dr. John Atta Mills, President of Ghana, died Tuesday July 24 of throat cancer.  He had been ill for some time though it was never confirmed and he planned on running for a second term. The announcement from BBC is posted here and an obituary here.

Dr Atta Mills was a good friend of my good friends, Wayne and Gifty Dunn and their son Kabore. Gifty is originally from Wa in NW Ghana and Wayne (from Big River Saskatchewan) has done a great deal of consulting work in the country over the years.  Wayne paid this tribute to his friend:

It is so sad. He was such a visionary and led with such dignity, humility and service. When I saw him last (early May) he told me how he felt compelled to stand for another election and when he was finished with being President he and his wife were going to come back to our place in Mill Bay and spend a quiet month. We all had fond memories of when they used to visit before he was President. He was the first Ghanaian man that Kabore ever met and he was a Grandfather to Kabore his whole life (he called him Grandpa P). Last time I saw him he asked me to come back and see him again before I left Ghana but he ended up having to go to an ECOWAS meeting and I didn't get a chance to see him. I am so sad for Ghana to lose a great leader and especially to his wife, Auntie Ernestina, who lost such a wonderful husband and the chance to spend some quiet years together after he left office.
Dr Lloyd Axworthy, President University of Winnipeg, Dr John Atta Mills,
President of Ghana, Wayne Dunn, May 2012
Gifty Serbeh-Dunn, Kabore Dunn, Dr. Atta Mills, Wayne Dunn, August 2011
The President and First Lady with the Dunn family

 The Dunns and Ghana have lost a good friend.  RIP, Dr. Atta Mills.


  1. And as we say in my line of work, "May Light Perpetual shine upon him".
    Blessings from Boston.

    1. Thank you, Fr. Paul.
      I am not sure when the funeral will be. Ghanaian funerals are huge social events and take some time to prepare for. Wayne tells of some 'funerals held several years after the death when the family could afford a bigger house and all the trappings.


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