Sunday, July 8, 2012

Supper and all that

There are three books to write reviews on, a couple of political editorials I could rant on and a few other things that make for work if one wishes a decent blog post.  Today is Sunday so forget that.  Hotter'n the hinges again  and still no real rain.  Good thundershower in town but missed us as usual.

Roman and Lena came for supper.  I asked them to come just so I would have an excuse to make potato salad again.  This time (my second try) it tasted like potato salad at least.  Now I can work on jazzing it up.  The chicken salad was too dry and tasteless so I need to look up a recipe next time.  The pork roast was good considering it was frozen when it went into the oven.  Our corn is ready as of yesterday so we had corn on the cob, too.  And apple crisp, with apples from the tree in the abandoned yard next door.

The innocence of young love.  A little boy in town (4 1/2) is madly in love with Masha (8).  The other day he kissed her and she went into the house crying.  Next morning when she went outside the little boy was waiting with a huge bouquet of flowers.  "I am sorry I made you cry, Masha...I brushed my teeth, can I kiss you again?"

Kuchma got his biennial bath.  He had been out fighting again and was black as a chimney sweep.  In fact it looked like someone had dumped ashes all over him, though I expect he had only been rolling in them.  He meowed piteously for the  first minute or so.  We got the Lather-Rinse part done before the feet and claws got active.  We canceled the Repeat part in self defense but his white is semi white at least.


  1. A very ordinary, folksy story about life in the "far country."

    I'm with the kid and the cat — food and sleep is pretty much it. Or at least the core of any expression about life.

    D'ya mind if I copy that pic from you? I feel that there is a poem in it.

    1. Hey, I stole it from someone who stole it. And I certainly agree with their philosophy.

  2. Cat days are great.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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