Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bobik the Second

Sometime early Saturday morning between midnight and 7:00 am Zvonik disappeared. I noticed at daybreak when I went outside that he didn't crawl out of his nest to greet me but didn't look for him. By 7:00 Ksenia was hunting high and low for him. Papa said he noticed the gate was open. There was also a hole in the fence he could have crawled through.

The accepted explanation is that he was outside the fence when people in the town/village (Beli Yar has 12,000 people) were taking their cows to pasture and simply picked him up. It is plausable and I hope it is true.

By noon he was replaced by the next door neighbours' spare 6 month old puppy and named Bobik. By Sunday night he had explored the entire yard, was thoroughly at home and practicing his bark. I ignored him. He barked at me. He barked at the cats. He stole a shoe and chewed on others, not significantly, just enough to be noticed. He slept in the shade all day and when I went out at night, came bouncing up to be played with. He will do.


  1. So cute. I can't believe the other dog is gone!!

  2. Tanya talked to Luda this morning. Another puppy, the size of Zvonok, showed up in their yard last night. They now have two puppies but no Zvonok.

    Bobik II is busy digging in Luda's flower gardens.