Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Brother

My youngest brother turns 55 today. This picture shows the difference 50 years makes. He ages well. He is tall and slim*. And not much grey hair for a father of four and grandfather of two.

He owns and operates a massage parlour (sports and therapeutic) and organic food store in the heart of Bible Belt Saskatchewan. He never rubs people the wrong way and everyone who visits him gets a good feeling all over.He lived close to the home farm and got on well enough with Dad to help out in later years. When they passed on to glory, he handled the estate better than any one could have considering his siblings. He still manages the land which stayed in the family but is leased out. He has a wonderful wife, good kids and grandkids. He is active in local events, in particular Little Theatre. All in all, a good man!

Have a Happy Birthday Little Brother and here's to another 55 years.

*I am short and fat. Either I got all the worms mother brought to the nest or he still has them?


  1. There is NOTHING like a brother and I miss mine daily; sometimes with gut wrenching nausea thrown in. That's when I contact my sister, only to find out that she was experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms that day.

  2. Well, at least someone in your family got some good looks.

    On the other hand, you're distinctive -- living in the Ukraine. I'm just not sure about the distinction.

    Happy birthday, ""Little Brother."

  3. Need to add that my brother is the family genealogist, keeping track of all our relatives and finding some who thought they had escaped. He is also very busy with the local photography club.


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