Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Garden

We had our first good rain in four months on Thursday. Even though the garden had been watered three times while we were away, it showed the effects of the heat and drought. The roses were pretty much finished when we got home as were the white daisies (?). The petunias had gone crazy and over grown the place. The gladiolas are just beginning and the lilies are in full bloom. Last night Tanya went through the flower garden like the Wrath of God and anything that was done blooming was cut off short and the petunias thinned.

Lena had looked after the kitchen garden, picking ripe tomatoes and cucs for pickling. The beets are ready to process for the freezer. The garlic is all pulled up and left to dry. The onions are next. Our huge bean patch was a disappointment - yielded nothing. Like it had been picked clean while we were away. Spuds will be a couple weeks yet before we try to see how they did.

Kuchma watching Tanya work


  1. Well you're doing better than me. The heat got to most of the flowers in front yard. The tomatoes are doing okay and may be ready by late sept. or oct. Forget the radishes they never made it, got a total of two. And the beans don't look like they'll make it.

  2. Demeur - Sorry about your garden. I thought where you live that things just grew but I guess not. Radishes may have been flea beetles. They ate my turnips one year. Beans baffle me. I thought they were idiot proof.

  3. It's practically monsoon season in Saskatoon. A couple of days of rain every week since late June. Promised again tomorrow and Tuesday. Benefit: more exercise, from cutting grass -- if you can call that a benefit. (Not enough grass to make silage.)


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