Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Zvonok, the puppy.

Luda's family has a new puppy named Zvonok, which means ring (sound of a bell) or chime. The name made no sense to me until Tanya translated it as "Doorbell".

When we arrived on Saturday, he was so sick, we didn't think he would live. It was like he was coughing, gagging and heaving all at the same time. He may have swallowed a chicken bone as he was bringing up small amounts of blood. We took him to the vet on Monday. She said all we could do was wait. She said to give him two spoons of water from boiled rice about four times per day and two spoons of buttermilk. She also told Ksenia to keep the cat food where he can't get it as that was likely where he found the chicken bone.

Next day, he was much better, running around and bright eyed and cold nosed. He is still heaving a little once in a while but body functions seem normal. He is the kissingest, chewingest puppy since Vicki. I love him to bits.


  1. The name is right but this seems to be a cheap way to get hits. Ha! I should talk using beavers for immoral purposes.

  2. Gone to the dog again, eh, Blog Fodder?

    Glad the doorbell is doing better.

    What would a farm be like without its "rural doorbell" on four legs?

  3. We swear that when Lucky passes, we'll never EVER go through this again.....but I want every dog I see. I only wish I was younger and could live long enough to HAVE another one....or two....or six.....maybe nine....

  4. LynnieC are you Korean?
    Dana, death is part of life. Losing a long-time dog is like losing family but living made up for it. Get another dog. From a friend or a pound puppy.
    D - hits are good. Never thought of it, though.
    RB - he is doing ok but vet says another couple weeks to fully recover.


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