Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starting Young

Masha was here again today to play in her pool. Ivan and Maxim came over, of course and being boys, eventually began teasing her. She stomped into the house in a huff and sat with us adults for an hour or so. When she went out again, the boys approached and she said to Maxim, "I am not speaking to you unless you appologize". "I am sorry, Masha". "OK". And off they went.
He will make a good husband some day. He has already mastered the most important husband skill.

This flower garden shot is a bit of an experiment, a stitched panorama shot that should give pretty good detail (if it will open when double clicked - I have trouble on my blog for some reason).


  1. This is looking and sounding more like middle America/Canada all the time.

  2. Hey I've got those same green chairs at my place.

  3. As the economy grows, people in middle income brackets (middle for Ukraine) are increasing rapidly. However the old and especially the rural poor are left further and further behind. There is a Latin American gap between those who own and control assets and the rest of teh polulation. Wealth is very highly concentrated and those in power (a great many of whom are already wealthy businessmen) steal as much as they can. Government administration steals what is left and there is not much makes it to street level services for the people.


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