Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Assorted happenings

We have our tickets to Canada return bought and paid for. Turkish Airlines and WestJet. Round trip for two of us $2400 CAD. We are in Canada from Sept 12 to Oct 8. I can hardly wait to see my family. It has been way too long.

Papa got his birthday present today. Final installation of his new store bought teeth. He looks good and really seems to like them - they fit comfortably he says. Total cost about 350 CAD for a full set of very good teeth. No idea of cost in Canada. We'll try Pop's teeth with corn on the cob tomorrow. Not sure he'll eat it. He is a meat and potatoes man. Says only pigs eat corn. May have to buy him a steak or something to try them out if he won't eat the corn. Now that IS a test since with no grading system, it could be old cow.

All the "kids" were here for the day. Masha played with Maxim all day, Lena worked in the garden. The rest just enjoyed the day. Maxim showed us a picture he made from shells that he collected by the Black Sea this summer and glued onto a backing. I will go get a picture tomorrow. Wasn't thinking. The kid is so painstakingly detailed in his work for an 8 year old.

We talked about going to Canada and about my kids coming here. Roman and Andrei want all my family here at one time if possible sometime, "for a family picture". That would be nice. It is hard enough to get a family picture in Canada with all in one place.

My dogs love to chase cats but are real cowards if cats chase them. Kuchma took exception tonight to Bobik's playfullness, flattened in the grass and then charged. Never laid a paw on Bobik who took off screaming like he had been attacked by a cougar. Too funny.


Violet said...

Any chance you'll be in my province? I'll hook you up to meet Sylvain! :)

Rob-bear said...

Time flies when you're having fun. About six weeks and you'll be in Canada. Welcome back.