Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Flower Pictures

Tanya took some of these pictures after a rain shower and caught the raindrops on the petals and leaves. These flowers' blooms last for one day. Don't know what they are called.


  1. I am all-but drooling with jealousy over here. I'm a terrible gardener (I mean *really bad*) and our gardens are a disaster (I mean *really bad*) but it doesn't stop me from daydreaming about something beautiful... WOW that is some garden!

  2. I don't like to garden because I don't like getting dirty or sweaty, but I DO live vicariously through the sweat of others. And she does this EVERY spring? Those aren't perenials are they....

  3. V and M-B - Thanks, will pass compliments on to Tanya.
    D - many are perenials but since this is her second year of flower gardening, they will all likely be moved around as her design becomes more clear to her. Annuals are snap dragons, petunias, portulaca, marigolds. Some bulbs need to be dug up and stored over winter. Others dug up and stored over summer, then replanted in fall.