Monday, July 13, 2009

Papa's Birthday

Today was Papa's 78th birthday, so we threw him a party. Roman brought Lena's mother; Lena is in Dnipro for two days on business. Tanya and Masha came and brought Baba Natasha and Baba Galya. Andrei was working in Krivii Rih and didn't get home. We are just glad he has work again. Zhenia and Lucia rounded out teh crowd.

Masha's Tanya came this morning and helped my Tanya prepare enough food for twice as many people as were invited so everyone got to take food home. Bliny with mushrooms, roast chicken, stuffed peppers, Salad Olivier, roast potatoes and teh usual cold cuts, cold veggies etc.

This picture is of Masha and her two great grandparents, both 78 years old. Great Grandmother Galya is Masha's mother's paternal grandmother and Great Grandfather Pyotr is Masha's father's maternal grandfather. Both the old birds hit it off right away. Too bad they live so far apart.

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  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time at the birthday feast and ate well. It was nice that Papa was there for his birthday.