Friday, July 24, 2009

Reasons I Love My Wife: #2644

Tanya decided she would plant some lettuce and as an experiment some cucumbers to see if they would yield in Sept/Oct. She went to one garden shop and came out with several packages of seed but they did not have one of something, so we went to another shop.

She was gone over 30 minutes, with Pop and I sitting in the car with the motor and A/C running as it was +38. She finally came out with two pots for house plants that needed repotting and anounced that they had a new plant in the shop with beautiful blue flowers which they had discussed at length, (though the sales person didn't know if it was for indoors or outdoors and gave her the wrong name of the plant also).

And they didn't have the seeds she was looking for, either.


  1. Sigh. Yes, well, . . .

    The Guy understands that, but does The Gal?

  2. Good luck with the experiment. Around here not much grows past Oct. Not enough sun.