Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Countdown has Begun to get Serious.

In 22 days, Ky will be here for three weeks and in 31 days May-B will be here for two weeks.  Both leave July 2 on the same flight.  We have been dreaming and planning since they told us they would come to visit.  We have a plan.  OK, Tanya has a plan.

Tanya has put a huge amount of effort into her flower garden.  Roman and Sergei have been and continue to pour concrete.  My someday woodworking shop has a floor, the screened in room for BBQ has a floor (finished today).  They will next pour an area in front of the BBQ room and then a wider and higher sidewalk beside our outbuilding.

Lena arrived this morning and spring cleaning is underway.  The girls' bedroom has already been thoroughly cleaned; walls and ceiling washed, drapes washed, etc.  The door has been closed and will NOT be opened until the girls arrive, keeping everything perfect. 

There will be strawberries to pick and make jam and the yellow and red cherry trees are loaded with small green fruit  which will be ripe when they are here.  Our sour cherries are not looking good but we can buy a pail full to make jam.  We can send up to 24 kg of home-made jam back with the girls according to CFIA but I doubt they will take it, what with the new one-suitcase rule.

The car is in for final repairs on brakes and suspension and we'll get the 75,000 km oil change done before they arrive.  We hear the road to Crimea is impassible but hopefully they will have it patched before we attempt to drive it.

Counting, counting, counting...


  1. Ah the best laid plans of men and mice. Hope all goes well.

  2. Yikes! I feel guilty that you guys are going to so much trouble for us! But I'm looking forward to the visit so much to.

    Do we get to be there when all the jam-making happens? I would LOVE to learn how to make jam. Living in Victoria means that I have so much more access to cheap apricots and cherries and it makes me wish I knew how to jam them.

    Love you! See you in 22 days.

  3. Ky, Tanya says she is looking forward to teaching you how to make jam.

  4. I look forward to the jam being made by the time I get there.

  5. I am so excited for you! It will be wonderful for you and so good for the girls to see you in your new environment. Have a wonderful time together!!