Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fruit Trees

A person does not realize just how many fruit trees were planted in Ukraine unless you are here in spring when they are in full blossom.  Our trees survived the -26C winter weather and are in full bloom, all but the apple trees which will follow in a week.

This is the yellow cherry in our front yard, framed  by our upstairs balcony window.

 These are sour cherry trees across the road that belong to Lucia and Zhenia

 This street in Lozovatka Selo is lined with fruit trees in blossom; as is virtually every side street in every town or village.  I couldn't tell you which kinds, as I recognize only two kinds of trees - Christmas trees and others.

If you click on this picture of Lozovatka Selo (village) and make it full size you can get an idea of the number of fruit trees - just look for the white patches.

When I started to put together this blog entry, the lights went out for a couple of hours so Tanya and I sat outside.  Lucia, Zhenia and Maxim came over and we visited like real neighbours used to before TV and computers provided alternate forms of entertainment.

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  1. Fruit trees are good. Visiting like real neighbours is even better!


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