Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Bum Rap

In general, tom cats have the reputation of Republican politicians. However I am beginning to wonder if it is entirely deserved.  Several weeks ago, our neighbour did away with "bilia koshka", the white female cat that had been our Kuchma's friend and companion since kittenhood 7 years ago.  He has been one lonely lost cat ever since.

He got sick and stopped eating, taking two weeks to recover.  Now he eats but irregularly and wanders the nearby neighbouring yards, meowing and meowing, looking and looking.  He will come home, still meowing.  I will give him a dish of milk which he used to inhale.  Now he might just look at it and set out again on his search for bilia koshka.  The nearest house cats are a couple of blocks away.

We may have to get another cat just to keep him company.


  1. So, that's your excuse to start a "Cat House." Very ingenious!

    Sorry for Kuchma Kot. And you too.

  2. There are many kinds of "Cat Houses", regardless of your inference.

    A Irish acquaintance of mine named Jimmy Darcy ran the "Cat House" at the Cambridge Bay DEW Line radar station some 40 years ago. It had 20 huge Caterpillar diesel generators.

    They had to run smooth as the current to the radar could not so much as flicker, even when changing from one set of generators to another. Pretty cool operation but apparently boring as Jimmy drank a bottle of Irish Whiskey every day for something to do.

  3. Maybe the Irish was originally intended to power the "cats."


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